Featured in the Melton Times, the local paper in Jane’s home town, Melton Mowbray, England


Jane Muscroft
Jane Muscroft, Owner of Queen’s Cuisine

Published Date: 01 September 2006
JANE Muscroft has taken a slice of Melton stateside where she is putting the town on the American map.

Born and bred in Melton, the mother-of-two moved to St Joseph Missouri with husband Colin in 2000 and has since introduced her new neighbours to the joys of Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and Stilton cheese.

On arriving in America, Jane was taken on by American Family Insurance in the firm’s corporate office, but before long the 38-year-old began to miss the catering/cooking environment she had enjoyed back home.
Jane, whose parents still live at the family home in Newport Avenue, attended St Francis Primary School and De Lisle before going on to gain catering qualifications at South Fields College in Leicester.

She said: “I worked part time at the Manor Oven as a waitress during my early teens. I worked at the Harboro Hotel in the kitchen while attending college and when I left I college I was taken on full time at the Sysonby Knoll Hotel. Just under a year later I moved to the George Hotel.”
But despite enjoying her chosen career path, Jane and Colin left their Buckminster Close home and headed for America.

Jane added: “We had no family members in the states and had only travelled to the area twice previously looking for a new home. We lived happily in St Joseph for seven years and then relocated to St Louis which sits on the Mississippi river. Upon arrival I contacted Dierbergs, a local supermarket chain that also has a number of cooking schools. The Americans are very receptive to my English accent and it was felt that with my catering background and keen interest in food that I should be employed as a freelance demonstrator.”
Jane taught her first set of classes in January and February, entitled Afternoon Tea, and they were a sell out.
“Everybody enjoyed hearing about the English custom and enjoyed the dishes I prepared.” During one of her subsequent classes one of the participants asked about foods from her local area. “This prompted me to offer a class featuring foods from Melton Mowbray. After some experimenting, along with some helpful tips from Dickinson and Morris, I have managed to recreate a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. During the At Home in England classes I serve a sample of my home made pork pie and show the customers how it’s made. I also serve Stilton cheese, which is available in the states, as well as a number of recipes using the cheese.”
Jane tries to return to England once a year and always visits Melton.
“My daughters enjoy visiting the County Park which is very close to where their grandparents live. It’s nice to get back to Melton.”

To learn more about Melton Mowbray visit the town’s web page.

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