Melton Times: Jane’s Home Baking Wins American Hearts

Featured in the Melton Times, my home town’s local rag…..

Published on Tuesday 15 March 2011 04:00

Jane’s Home Baking Wins American Hearts

HER English home baking is winning hearts in America and she’s hoping to open more eyes to our pork pies.

Born and bred in Melton, Jane Muscroft (43) moved to America in 2000 and now gives cookery classes at five of supermarket chain Dierberg’s cookery schools in the St Louis (Missouri) area.

Since moving to America Jane’s catering business Queen’s Cuisine has grown and she now sells her baked goodies at farmer’s markets.

Jane, who recently visited her parents in Newport Avenue, has wowed students and customers with her English favourites including her range of scones, cakes and pastries.

Other meaty offerings and demonstrations have included her home-made Melton pork pie, steak and ale pie, toad-in-the-hole and some Indian dishes.

She said: “The Americans are so interested in English life, the accent and the food. It’s a cultural experience for them.

“I like making Melton pork pie because it goes back to my roots. My pork pie classes were very well received by customers who thought they were getting a pot pie!

“I also make sausage rolls which I’m afraid to say are more popular. Getting them to drink tea is something. Getting them to eat pork pie is a few steps on from that.

She added: “When I did my very first class I got in touch with Dickinson and Morris who were very helpful. I was told to use equal amounts of meat and pastry.

“I weigh out 6oz of pastry and use 6oz of pork filling to make a 12oz pie. I’ve stuck to that ever since.”

Jane, a former St Francis Primary School pupil, gained her catering qualifications at South Fields College in Leicester.

Her first job aged 14 was at the Manor Oven, in Sherrard Street, serving in the cafe and doing odd jobs in the kitchen. She has also worked at the Harboro Hotel, Sysonby Knoll Hotel and The George Hotel.

Having built up a brand and customer base, Jane hopes to open her own cafe one day as well as giving more hands-on cookery classes.

And to mark the royal wedding she will be giving classes with a royal twist.

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